Enjoy a day at the Sedona Infinity Spa


This is the perfect opportunity to try out one or more of our services from massages, energy healing, chakra balancing, salt room sessions, red light therapy, to crystal bowl sound therapy.

Check out everything we have to offer! It’s best to book your space early by picking the time that works for you and the services you want to experience.  We are also offering special walk-in-only services!

Scroll down to see what services are offered at a discount.

Salt Room Sessions

Would you like to experience our Salt Room?

All sessions are public for the Feel Good Fair & so you may make friends. Please check out our schedule for a different day if you would like a guaranteed private session.

Energy Healings

 Do you feel “off” and need an amazing energy-healing session?

We have amazing practitioners here to help you.

Red Light Therapy

 Experience a relaxing red light therapy session helping to reduce inflammation & promote cellular regeneration.

A great addition to our massages!

Gentle Yoga Class

Enjoy a relaxing & gentle yoga class outside in our beautiful Mural Courtyard.

Native Skin Bar

 Native Skin Bar is having some wonderful specials!

* 15% off Sunscreens

*Get 10 free units of Xeomin with EVERY treatment booked

*15% off Restyland Refyne & Restylane Contour – Good for lips, lip lines & mid-face


Want to round out your healing day at the Spa? What’s a better way than by an amazing bodywork session, or 2.

Check out the many unique massages and treatments you can experience

Walk-in Specials

While we do recommend making appointments for our services you can just come on by! But, not everything is by appointment! We have a few wonderful walk-in-only specials going on as well!