Feel Good Fair 15 Minute Tarot Reading


Are you curious about what the future holds?  Are you wondering what your next step is?

Are you searching for meaning in your life?

Shine a light on your subconscious life and release your past roadblocks so you may unlock your limitless potential!  Imagine your life full of love, peace, and positive life energy!

Tarot cards can guide you in your life with:

  • New paths to travel
  • Goal setting
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • General wellbeing
  • Career choices

The cards are a tool for creating a confident plan for your future by taking out the guesswork and providing a clear direction for the future.  As an intuitive energy practitioner, tarot reader, teacher, and author, I combine energy work and intuition with the Tarot.  You will gain more alignment, clarity, and inspiration for leading a more peaceful, centered, and fulfilled life.

What to Expect When You Book A Reading

Prior to your session and there is no need to send me any questions.

Once we begin, you will have the opportunity throughout your session to ask questions, although I tend to answer a lot of questions before they are asked!  And of course, your private reading will always be kept confidential.


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