Co-op Information

Co-op Information

At the Sedona Infinity Spa we are building a co-op.  Working together to be successful and support the community. 

As a Member of the Co-op, you will be responsible for:

  • Your montly rent.
  • Obtaining an insurance policy for $1M that covers, you, the tenant, Sedona Infinity Spa and The Collective Sedona.
      • If you already have insurance you simply need to add the 2 entities listed above
    • Maintaining your own schedule (there is no receptionist)
    • Your own advertising/marketing – you will be able to advertise on our Social Media sites and the Sedona Chamber newsletters
    • You will be responsible for the room space assigned to you.
      • Your room will be your responsibility and you must furnish your own space.
      • You must follow CDC guidelines for cleaning.
      • Be clear about what services and spaces are available.
      • Making sure the restrooms are picked-up, no toilet paper or paper towels on the floor
    • If you find something damaged, report it immediately
    • If you damage something please be responsible and report it so the corrective action can take place immediately to repair it.
    • There is no extra storage space in the facility for your items, so all your personal and business items must be removed from the facility or kept in your space.


Tenants will have access to:

  • The Salt Room. This room will have a sign-up sheet for use, when days are available for tenants.
  • The small courtyard with the mural for small classes, there will be a sign-up sheet for use.
    • You will provide your own equipment, chairs, etc. to use in that space
    • You will clean the space when finished
      • Picking up what you brought in
      • Picking up any garbage
    • Kitchen area
    • Washer and Dryer
    • Bathroom facility with shower
    • Heating & Air Conditioning

Sedona Infinity Spa will provide:

  • A safe place so you can facilitate your business
  • Cleaning of facility to follow CDC guidelines
  • Marketing for the spa as a whole


If you find this appealing, let me know.  I will gladly show you around.

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