Special Spa Experiences

Coming to Sedona for something unique? How about hiking? Or, maybe, healing?

Are you wanting a special experience for you and your partner or loved one? 

Our practitioners are able to help you release your negative energy, connect more spiritually with yourself or your partner, find your soul’s purpose, and more. Explore all that we have to offer!

Hiker’s Special

Treat yourself to our hiker’s special. Enjoy a specialized Tui-Na massage which focuses on specific patterns of disharmony. It helps to release congestion or stagnation in your body through acupressure channels. This clothing-on massage is a great way to loosen, stretch, and kneed your muscles and tendons after a strenuous hike. Follow it up with a relaxing Red Light Therapy treatment. Red Light Therapy helps reduce inflammation which is great after your Tui-Na massage.

Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy & Energy Healing Combo


Enjoy the beautiful salt room (halo therapy) with crystal bowl sound therapy with Gigi and energy work by Melina. This is a truly transformative experience.

Body and Spirit Healing

Relax and receive some much-needed healing spiritually, energetically, and physically!

Enjoy a massage, salt room energy healing, and our wonderful red light therapy treatment. Expect to be at the spa for about 3 hours.

Couple’s Experiences


Connect and enjoy each other’s company with some unique experiences we offer. Click the link to see all our special combinations catered to you and your loved one.

Come On In

Halotherapy Sessions