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This hands-free therapy is life-changing!

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Red Light Therapy Benefits

How Red Light Therapy Works

Red Light Therapy is a process of emitting low light wavelengths through the skin. These wavelengths cannot be felt and do not generate any heat upon exposure.

Red Light Therapy naturally stimulates your body’s own production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is a key element in cellular regeneration.

This stimulation of ATP along with improved circulation and cellular respiration lends itself to a massive variety of applications with results that are truly life changing! 

Why Use Red Light Therapy?

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces recovery times after training and injury
  • Improves fertility and increased testosterone levels
  • Healthier, plumper-looking skin due to increased collagen production
  • The stimulation of hair growth
  • Improves circulation (improved blood flow)

Backed by over 5,000 clinical studies

Developed by NASA

In the early 1990’s, NASA developed what we now know as “Red Light Therapy” for the purpose of growing plants on shuttle missions. They soon realized this technology had other uses, including healing wounds on human skin.

25 years and many technological advances later, there are now over 5000 published clinical trials on Red + Near Infrared Light Therapy showing it to be an extremely safe and effective treatment for stimulating healing, reducing pain, increasing athletic performance, and improving general wellness.

Although Red Light Therapy is great as a single-use treatment, especially for inflammation, the more you do this therapy the more benefits your body will receive. 

Our monthly membership is a great way to get the full benefits of Red Light Therapy at a fraction of the cost!

Members can visit the spa any day we’re open to receive up to 2 sessions at a time. At only $100 per month, this membership pays for itself in just 4 sessions!

Treating Your Over-all Well Being Right

Red light therapy is a powerful, natural therapy that’s used to boost overall health and wellness and support healing and bodily functioning during illness or injury.

Love it!

The arthritis in my hand is already 80% better!

Cindy Redford