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Gigi Rock

As the owner and founder of the Sedona Infinity Spa, I am excited to co-op with some of the most talented facilitators.  I am a: Medicine woman, grandmother, great-grandmother, crone, and teacher of desert plant medicines.  Through ‘hands-on’ teachings, I will help you explore your True Authentic Self in plant medicine.

I facilitate healing through sound therapy (crystal bowls) while in the salt room to achieve the highest level of self-healing.


Melina Fuhrmann

Melina is a spiritual mentor, energy healer, and guide like no other. She is a holistic coach, therapist, spiritual counselor, energy-consciousness teacher, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher. Embodying the wisdom of an ancient mystic and the dedication of a grounded, highly-educated professional, Melina has enabled full spectrum transformations in her clients from over 70 countries during her many years in Switzerland and now in Sedona.


Aileen Lane

Aileen Lane always felt the call to be of service to others through her work as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner for 27 years. After settling down in Sedona, Aileen pursued her License in Massage Therapy so that she may focus on the bodywork. She studied and has been practicing Upledger CranioSacral Therapy since 2016. Aileen is also a Usui Reiki Master. 


Toni Peterson

Toni Peterson is a licensed massage therapist (LMT).  “Working with the mind and body connection, I bring a relaxing and intuitive touch to the table.  With patience and ease, I am able to out the tension out of tressed muscles in a way that is beneficial yet very relaxing.”



Deanna Putts

Deanna has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 17 years; she has always felt the call to help others on their path to healing. She facilitates healing through Massage Therapy, Reiki, Life Activation, and various other energy practices, including meditation, aromatherapy crystal healings, and flower essence.  We all have our Magik in us. Let me help you find yours.


Cynthia Olivera

Cynthia Olivera is a World Spirit Guide™️ and the Educational Director at Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils. Cynthia, a medicine woman and sage, teaches people to use medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns for dynamic self-healing. As the director and founder of the Inner Landscape Work™️, a movement/meditation process, she travels internationally to teach plant consciousness to the growing movement of medicinal aromatherapists, meditators, and sacred anointers.


Alana Leone

Alana is an author, speaker, coach, past life regressionist, and energy healer, offering past life regression, coaching, and energy healing sessions.

She believes in the holistic path and brings all parts of you and your life together to find your purpose. To fully see the beauty of yourself and your world with joy and happiness is a gift that each individual deserves. To embrace your past to love your future, download her latest book written with Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, and many other authors from her website.


Ron Taniguchi

Ron Taniguchi, holistic health practitioner (HHP) and certified massage therapist (CMT) is a dedicated, honest, trustworthy, caring gentleman with high integrity and values.  His focus is using both Western and Asian therapeutic massage modalities to provide significant relaxation and maximum pain relief. He is also experienced in Myofascial release; Sports/Orthopedic massage; Tui-na; Acupressure; Fire cupping, and Comfort touch (geriatric massage).


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  • Happiness
  • Long life
  • Positive feelings
  • Joy

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