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Gigi Rock

Gigi, the visionary owner and founder of Sedona Infinity Spa, brings a wealth of experience and profound wisdom to her role. As a medicine woman, grandmother, great-grandmother, crone, and teacher of desert plant medicines, she offers unique ‘hands-on’ teachings aimed at helping individuals explore their True Authentic Self through the power of plant medicine. Gigi also facilitates healing sessions that incorporate sound therapy with crystal bowls in the spa’s salt room, creating an environment that maximizes self-healing. Her dedication to working alongside some of the most talented facilitators enriches the spa experience, making it a sanctuary for those seeking deep, holistic well-being.


Melina Fuhrmann

Melina is a distinguished spiritual mentor and energy healer whose profound guidance has transformed lives across the globe. As a holistic coach, therapist, spiritual counselor, energy-consciousness teacher, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher, she combines the deep, mystical wisdom of an ancient seer with the practical dedication of a highly-educated professional. Throughout her extensive career, first in Switzerland and now in Sedona, Melina has facilitated full-spectrum transformations for clients from over 70 countries. Her unique approach and commitment to healing make her an unparalleled guide in the journey toward personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.


Aileen Lane

Aileen Lane is an Upledger Certified CranioSacral Therapist and Komyo ReikiDo Teacher (Japanese Branch). She always felt the call to be of service to others through her work as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner for 27 years. 


Mililani Perry

Mililani is a skilled massage therapist, she offers a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating various modalities to ensure every aspect of health—mind, body, and soul—is addressed.



Toni Peterson

Toni Peterson, with a unique approach that blends intuition and relaxation, Toni effectively alleviates stress and muscle tension. Her therapy sessions are designed to not only ease physical discomfort but also promote mental well-being, making each session a deeply soothing and restorative experience. 


Dawn Walter

Dawn following years of struggling with the symptoms of PTSD, I moved to Arizona where I went on to study with yoga and breathwork practitioners at Sedona Hot Yoga, earn my RYT-200, and completed numerous classes and certifications in Trauma Conscious Yoga, meditation, breath work, and Yin. Still inspired by the healing properties of Yoga. Yoga’s gifts, including physical and emotional changes and spiritual awakenings, have brought me to a place where I am inspired to share the gift of yoga with others.


Cynthia Olivera

Cynthia Olivera is a World Spirit Guide™️ and the Educational Director at Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils. Cynthia, a medicine woman and sage, teaches people to use medicinal essences to help shift old paradigms and patterns for dynamic self-healing. As the director and founder of the Inner Landscape Work™️, a movement/meditation process, she travels internationally to teach plant consciousness to the growing movement of medicinal aromatherapists, meditators, and sacred anointers.


Ron Taniguchi

Ron Taniguchi, a holistic health practitioner (HHP) and certified massage therapist (CMT), embodies the principles of dedication, honesty, trustworthiness, and high integrity in his practice. His expertise spans a variety of specialized techniques including Myofascial release, Tui-na, Acupressure, Fire cupping, and Comfort touch, which is particularly suited for geriatric clients. Ron’s caring approach and extensive knowledge make him a standout in his field, providing a therapeutic experience that respects both body and mind.


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