Couple’s Experiences

Are you wanting a special experience for you and your partner or loved one? 

Our practitioners are able to help you release your negative energy, connect more spiritually with your partner, find your soul’s purpose, and more. Explore all that we have to offer!

Couple’s Connection


This is an amazing combination of experiences geared towards giving each person a transformative experience and connection with each other. Relax in our Salt Room while you both experience a wonderful Energy Healing Session simultaneously during a truly exquisite Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy session.

Couple’s Massage and Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy


Experience a Couple’s Massage combined with beautiful Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy.

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Couple’s Escape

 Our truly special PRIVATE couple’s experience.


Enjoy some quality time with your beau before you officially tie the knot or if your on a vacation together and want to truly connect. Relax in our Salt Room while you connect with a Couple’s Energy Healing or a Couple’s massage. Experience Red Light Therapy, Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy, as well as a Heart & Soul Connecting the Cords Experience.

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Halotherapy Sessions