Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the 7 energy centers running along with your vertical power current and spine. It is here where our human energy field connects to the universal energy field. We nourish ourselves through the inflow of energy, and we release blockages, pain, and trauma through the outflow of energy. If your energy field is not well-maintained and inflow, we can feel distortions that affect us spiritually, in relationships, mentally, emotionally, and physically

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Does your energy feel stuck or blocked? This session is great to help you get back in the flow and find your balance.

The healing energy of crystals, stones, and a Nepalese singing bowl will be used to create balance and flow through the chakras and within the aura. The high vibration of the crystals when combined with Reiki’s hands-on healing energy can very quickly help you feel revitalized as the integration of these energies can be very powerfully experienced.

Melina, an experienced Reiki Master Teacher and graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, will lay a blend of crystals and stones on and around your body in alignment with your intentions. You will feel renewed, relaxed, more grounded, and at the same time lighter, as you will release heavy, stuck emotions that were weighing you down.

Get real-time readings of your Aura and Chakras!

This is a very non-invasive experience for someone who wants to see their aura, maybe get some clarity about why they’re feeling “off”, while also adding in a relaxing way to physically see what levels your chakras are resonating at and help get you more balanced.

We use 2 pieces of technology to help facilitate this. A Biopulsar reader, which is what we use to read your Aura and Chakras, and a StellarWave light bed.

StellarWaves is the newest, highest, technology in providing light therapy.

It is a vibrational healing tool that helps balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your body. It uses clear quartz crystals, and chakra-matching light color frequencies to promote wellness on many levels.

During your session, after we take a reading using the Biopulsar, we will briefly discuss the reading and then you will simply relax under the lights which will be programmed for your individual needs for balancing and listen to beautifully relaxing meditative music for about 20 minutes.

The total session time is roughly 45-60 minutes long.